Japanese Green Tea - Kabuse-cha

Covered Green Tea (Kabuse - Cha)
Nozomi is Kabuse-cha which translates as "Covered Green Tea" in English. Very few farms are capable of using this methodology. The green tea is covered by special net to block sunlight for few days before new sprout comes out. 

Benefit of Covered Green Tea (Kabuse-cha)

  • By purposely blocking sun light for timed few days before new sprout comes out, the tea creates very unique aroma and taste.
  • Due to the special net covering sun light, the tea leaves increases Chlorophyll making the color of the tea to be darker green.  Tea made from such leaves create beautiful emerald green color which are rare to see in other type of green tea.
  • Theanine (element of umami) increases by this approach making the tea less bitter and mellow taste similar to elegant taste of Gyokuro tea